IoT sensorer larmar för svart is.

IoT sensorer larmar för svart is.

IoT sensors provides an innovative solution for frost and ice detection on the road and runway surfaces in the town of Jönköping in Sweden. We are using IoT sensors to measure the roadtemperature in combination with airtemperature and moisture to set alerts when icy or frost condition is expected. An algorithm for the estimation of the state of road surface (dry, wet, frost or icy) based on experimental results, which indicated that the time derivative of the measured data providing optimal information. The monitoring application and sensors are at least 10 times cheaper than traditional installation for the same purpose!

Surface ice (also referred to as black ice or glaze ice) is a thin layer of frozen water that can form on the roadway surface. Black ice can typically form when moisture (from rain, fog, etc.) comes in contact with a surface that has a temperature below freezing. Surface ice needs two main components to form: moisture and low temperatures. There are many potential sources of moisture for the formation of black ice such as rain, snow, hail, accidental water discharge, sleet, freezing fog, or blowing and drifting snow

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