LoRaWAN coverage mapping tool

LoRaWAN coverage mapping tool

Sensor-Online™, the open and scalable IoT platform has a built in feature that allows you to graphically and tabularly display all measured data, and accurately analyze the quality of the network. This includes positioning of gateways and measuring point based on GPS coordinates, graphical display of signal strength, filtering by various parameters.

Sensor-Online is a hardware agnostic and LNS independant IoT platform with many strong features. If you run Sensor-Online together with Chirpstack.io™ to build a private network a coverage map comes in handy. Sensor-Online install on-premise in your server if you want.

*Analyze location for optimization of setting up sensor devices

* Analyze location where gateway is set up to estimate how efficient is it

* Analyze indoor measurements – make plan of building with measuring points and connect that point with “counter” of message

* Find blind spots in network

*Visualize network coverage

“We turn measurments values into business values”