IoT Edge Computer

IoT Edge Computer

IoT Edge computer that comes with different networks options like LoRAWAN, GSM , WiFi,  BLE or NB-IoT/LTE-M1. These boards are compact free programable microcontrollers designed to meet the needs of developer looking to create embedded IoT products with no prior networking experience.

The microcontroller provide access to low-power, wide-area communication networks means you can deploy this board into locations without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth penetration. It’s perfect for IoT projects in both dense urban regions and isolated rural spaces.   The automatic power switching between external 5V and battery input (AA or AAA for example) makes it easy to use this board in sites without access to specialized LiPo packs.

Connect your machines, equipment and sensors to the cloud.

IoT board for integration purposes,  endless possibilities.

67*22 mm, I/O, DI, AI, RS485 Modbus, RS232, CAN,  I2C, UART …

Only your imagination sets the limit for what you can achieve with the IoT Edge Computer

Build your next IoT product with us

We work closely with businesses to create reliable and cost-effective turn-key solutions:

  • Custom Firmware
  • Cellular
  • Sigfox, and LoRaWAN® Hardware
  • Research and Design
  • Components and Housing
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Certification